2000yr old Thirukural

Friday, June 11, 2010

Eligibility criteria for a language to be called as 'Semmozhi'

# It should have been born atleast 2000 years ago. It should have literary continuity for 2000 years. And is still existing.
# It should have given birth to other languages.
# It should have helped the world improving in Culture.
# The world has only five languages which have the 'Semmozhi' status. Tamilzh is one amongst them.

tamil is a live and vibrant language inspite of being a contemporary of some of the
dormant languages of yester millennium.-jv

tamil did not simply assimilate with sanskrut culture but has really contributed to sanskrut
many of the sanskrut vocabulary has the root deivative of tamil root words-jv

tamil is not solely dependent on sanskrut like other indian /satum languages but still
remains the only indian language which can stand alone with its rich and evolutionary

the classic/semmozhi nature of a language does not simply depend on a present citeria
but how it will sustain itself in its posterity - how it will be conserved/protected/evolved
with ever changing days to come.

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