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Friday, October 29, 2010

Rs 16 crore Bugatti Veyron Latest images

Rs 16 crore Bugatti Veyron comes to India

Super luxury
The benchmark for luxury cars in the country just got higher with Volkswagen Group company Bugatti Automobiles launching its super premium sports car Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport, with price starting at Rs 16 crore, the most expensive car to hit the Indian roads.
The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport, priced at Rs 16 crore onwards, will be distributed by the company's Indian dealer Exclusive Motors. So far, the most expensive cars in India have been the Rolls Royce Phantom and the Maybach, which are priced around Rs 5 crore.
Bugatti is aiming between 60 and 80 units of the car to be sold across the globe this year and there have been queries from 3 to 4 Indians globally. The company claims that the Bugatti Veyron is also the fastest car on production that is allowed to drive on normal roads in the world with a top speed of 407 km/hour with an acceleration of 0-100km/hour in 2.7 seconds.
The car, which uses components made of special materials like titanium, carbon fibre and magnesium is powered by an 8 litre engine with 16 cylinders and is assembled by hand at the company's hand headquarters Molsheim in France.

Taj mahal Hotel presidential suite for Mr. Obama-India visit2010

Indian American wins FT/Goldman Sachs award

A book analysing the flaws in economy that led to the current financial crisis by an Indian-origin professor of finance at the University of Chicago has won the Financial Times and Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Award for 2010.
The 30,000 pounds prize was on Wednesday night awarded to Raghuram G Rajan, for his book, 'Fault Lines: How Hidden Fractures Still Threaten the World Economy', published by Princeton University Press.
The Award was presented in New York by Lionel Barber, Editor, Financial Times, and Lloyd C Blankfein, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Goldman Sachs.

The Award, which was established in 2005, aims to find the book that provides the most compelling and enjoyable insight into modern business issues.
Each of the five runners-up received a cheque for 10,000 pounds, an increase of 5,000 pounds over previous years, and can expect heightened interest in their influential books, a release by the award organisers today said.
Barber said of Rajan's book: "Fault Lines is a comprehensive analysis of what went wrong, but it is also only the beginning of the conversation.
"Rajan offers insights into how to correct the flaws in financial capitalism and illuminates difficult choices in public policy. It is a serious and sober book, but in these times sobriety is a virtue."
"Raghuram Rajan has written a profound, compelling book," said Blankfein, and added, "His analysis of what went wrong, and what needs to be done to address the structural flaws that caused the financial crisis, should be essential reading for policy makers and practitioners alike."
Books short listed for the award included 'The Art of Choosing', by Sheena Iyengar, professor of Business at Columbia University.

Obama and Michelle may miss a Taj visit

 The American first couple, Barack and Michelle would miss a tryst with Taj Mahal, a symbol of love during their maiden visit to India, but US official did not rule out a future trip.
"The first couple would not be having a trip to the Taj Mahal this time", Ben Rhodes Deputy National Security Advisor said at a White House briefing on US President's visit to India adding " but hopefully he would in future".
"He (Obama) loves to see the Taj Mahal. He could at some point." he said.

"Certainly we wouldn't rule out any visit (to the Taj Mahal) in the future. And, hopefully, we ll be able to return to India. But right now, we re focused on this upcoming trip," Rhodes said in response to a question.
Though President Obama and the first lady may skip the fable marble monument, renowned the world over as a symbol of romance, the couple will instead make a trip to the Lutyens, Humayun`s tomb considered a forerunner to the Taj.
"The first couple, however, would be visiting Humayun's tomb," Rhodes said, describing it as one of the great cultural marvels in New Delhi.
"The President felt it was important give the rich civilization that India has, to pay tribute to that through this stop," he said.
"In India, you have one of the most dynamic and tolerant and diverse societies in the world and we want to pay tribute to that. And I think that's particularly why, we wanted to ensure that we had a culture stop in Delhi, in this instance visiting a tomb that has served as a precursor to the Taj Mahal and speaks to the enormously impressive civilization that India has had over many centuries," Rhodes said.

Latest feather in Superstar Rajinikant’s cap-Enthiran the Robot

Here’s the latest feather in Rajinikant’s cap. After giving Monalisa that smile, knowing Victoria’s secret and getting Google to Rajinikant, he has made it possible for Prabhat Talkies to screen a Hindi film — Robot the Hindi version of the South Indian superstar’s Enthiran. 

What’s so great about this, you ask! Well, Prabhat considered the Mecca of Marathi cinema hasn’t screened a Hindi film here since 2001.

While superstar Rajinikanth-starrer Enthiran and Robot (Hindi) are making waves all over the country, Pune isn’t too far behind. Much like the rampage of the Rajini clones in the film, continuing its record march through the country, Robot has managed to register this significant achievement. 

It is being shown in Prabhat Talkies predominantly known for showcasing Marathi movies. Prabhat Talkies, Pune’s oldest cinema theatre has entered it’s 76th year. During the last decade and half, it has become the bastion of Marathi movies. 

The last time a Hindi movie was showcased here was in 2001, when Veer Savarkar, produced by Sudhir Phadke, was screened here.

So, when posters of Robot were put up at Prabhat Talkies last week on Friday, people had a hard time believing it. Padmakar Wagh, the manager of Prabhat Talkies, said, “It was unbelievable for movie connoisseurs to see a Hindi movie poster put up here. 

When people rang up to enquire about the show timings and they heard that we were screening Robot at 6.30 pm and 9.30 pm, they exclaimed, “Is this really Prabhat?”

When asked how and why Robot made it’s way to the theatre, the manager laid to rest all doubts this reporter had of a hostage-like situation masterminded by Chitti-turned-evil. 

Wagh said, “There was a huge demand from moviegoers that the movie be screened here. Many people had asked us about it as Robot was making it to the headlines. There was a lot of curiosity about the film. 

People who did not want to shell out much money in multiplexes, wanted to watch Robot here. The booking of the movie has lived up to its demand.” 

Wagh refused to give this reporter specific numbers, saying that he could not disclose the figures. 

According to Wagh, before Veer Savarkar in 2001, real commercial Hindi movies that played here were Fareb and Machis in 1996. It seems that Rajini has started a new trend at Prabhat, Dabangg is also being screened at the theatre now. 

Wagh said, “Robot was brought here on public demand. After playing in many multiplexes and theatres in city, we brought it here on an experimental basis. It was played along with Dabangg one a show each day. 

In terms of collections, it is somewhat ahead of Dabangg. You can safely say that is first Hindi movie in a decade here.” And just in case you were wondering, “Nahin, Prabhat badnaam nahin hua”.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

K Balachander interview Rajinikanth -Oct-2010

K Balachander  interview Rajinikanth-Video

Top 10 movies of 2010

Vairamuth 1000 rajini images

Watch CNNIBN indian of the year
Shankar speach Video

Vijai copying Rajini
Images proof

Watch -Alagiri Son wedding Rajini speech Video

IIM Study about Rajini and Eanthiran success

Video of this interview -watch here.

The function to celebrate 40 years of the Directors’ Association was held at the Nehru Indoor Stadium in Chennai on Saturday, 23rd Oct. The event was attended by almost all the directors of the industry and was also illuminated with the presence of many of the top stars. The event consisted of a formal morning session which featured mainly talks and interactive sessions amongst the directors. But, the latter half of the event was colorful and energetic with performances from stars of different eras.

The entertainment half of the function was noted for the screening of a documentary on the works of Bharathiraja, currently the President of the Directors’ Association. The documentary was directed by Vasanth and featured clippings from many of the unforgettable hits of the director like 16 Vayadhinile and Alaigal Oyvadhillai. 

This was followed by a dance performance by Anagha (Sindhu Samaveli fame), evergreen hits of the Bharathiraja-Ilaiyaraja team and some extremely well choreographed dance performances by Sameera Reddy and Charmi. Superstar’s arrival at the function set the tone for the Endhiran songs to set the stage on fire with Sameera Reddy wowing the audience. Charmi followed suit and won a huge round of applause. But, it was not only the new generation of heroines who danced with nimble feet. Yesteryear heroines too proved that the years have not dimmed their skills.

 Roja was close to her best as she danced away, showing that not even her entry into politics can dim her artistic talents. Devayani also showed that she is not too old to shake a leg. And, the arrival of the famous yesteryear on screen teenage couple of Karthik and Radha lit up the stage.

The entry of Ilaiyaraja into the function lifted the mood of the evening a notch higher, so did the arrival of Vijay. The loudest cheers were however reserved for Superstar who seemed to be in very high spirits as he enjoyed the performances and interacted with others present.

The high point of the event was when director K Balachander called Rajinikanth up on stage to ‘interview’ him. The director said that these were questions that had been on his mind for a very long time. Presented to you here as a transcript.

KB: What do you feel you have lost out on because of the fame cinema has given you?
Rajni: I cannot be an ordinary man, move around like people do, go out eat in a restaurant or take a walk. Perhaps, this is what I have lost.

KB: Tamil cinema has elevated you to such great heights, what would you offer in return?
Rajni: I will definitely do something that Tamil cinema can be proud of.

KB: Have you ever felt jealous?
Rajni: Yes, upon seeing some people during my visits to the Himalayas. They seem to have an inner peace and tranquility that we do not.
A few questions tested Rajinikanth’s diplomacy skills – but he came out with flying colors.

KB: You have achieved so much in cinema. When can we expect a National Award?
Rajni: (Laughs) That is not with me. It is up to you directors to give me roles that might fetch awards.

KB: Your favorite politician!
Rajni: Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore, he has overseen the development of that city. (Now, there was no answer more ‘politically’ correct than that one. Some people probably expected him to say Bal Thackeray after the recent statement that he made.)

KB: Your favorite director
Rajni: (without pausing to think) Mahendran (no diplomacy here)

Video of this interview -watch here.

For complete tamil version visit here

Speech given by a lawyer in Houston when President Rajapaksa visited that city

Your Excellency, Mr. Rajapaksa, Hon Congressmen, General Sheela Jackson Lee. Sheela thanking for making this, really appreciate this and Consul General Laura, thank you for making this.

Distinguished guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome Your Excellency to this great city. It is an ignore the oak trees and mocking birds we could mitake this for Sri Lanka. It is in Sri Lanka that I was born. Our grand fathers and grand mothers and my mother and aprents of my wife were all buried under the sacred soil of my motherland. I grew up Your Excellency, in Jaffna and moved to Colombo when I was only 10 years old. My wife is from Badulla and greew up in Diyatalawa where her father was a well a respected captain in the army.

I smelt the sweetness of Magoza trees in Jaffna and taste of the Red Jumbu fruits and left red stains on my white shirt as I walked to school in Colombo. I know the lure of Jack fruits ripening on the trees as crows begin to open them. I have seen the bright colour of pandals during Wesak and shamelessly ate food at Dansala meant for the poor. And I have heard the chanting of Kovils and inhaled the smell of jasmine and Joss sticks. I have heard the bell of All Saint’s church as I assisted Father Herath during Mass.

But since I left Sri Lanka in 1975 there has been such pain, such sorrow and such agony. The mighty Mahaweli Ganga that usually brings its sacred water to the paddy fields spat out blood. Both the Sinhalese and Tamils. From up here in the United States I have watched the land of my forefathers descend from paradise deep into hell. No one can say with certainty whom is to blame but the time for blaming is gone for long.

Your Excellency, your power be descended from Dutugemunu and my people from Elara. Remember how Dutugemunu fought Elara on his Elephant Kandula and killed Elara. Dutugemunu of course still remembered for uniting Sri Lanka for the first time. But he is also remembered for something else. After defeating and killing Elara he built a monument for Elara out of respect for his worthy opponent. He ordered all the citizens of the land to stop, mount and pay respect to Elara. In so doing he not only showed what a great noble man he was. But also proved to be a great politician. He knew that He had to rule the Tamil people after the defeat of Elara.

Your Excellency, faith and fortune and your great political skill have placed you at a unique point in history. Children years to come, will read in their history books, that a great leader, a great warrior by the name of Mahinda Rajapaksa finally defeated the rebellion after nearly 25 years where several before him failed. They may even say that you are Dutugamunu of the 21 century. But it you want to wear Gamunu’s mantle Your Excellency, you will have to build a monument too. That monument does not have to be a Dagoba or a building. It will have to be new policy backed by laws to enforce.

Do not make the mistake that parts 58 riots. Do not hold back Tamils who want to get into Universities. Do not make the Tamils feel like they are second class citizens. Respect their religion, and respect their language. There is something about the Tamil people you need to know Your Excellency. To them their language is God. There are only few cultures in the world which has such devotion to the language. You were trained as a lawyer and in your early career you were a formidable defender of human rights. Now you have the popularity, you have the power of the hero, like Julius Caeser, returning to Rome from his conquests. No one can deny what you are, you and I read in law school. Then we have had to study the Soulbury Constitution. Ask the parliament to pass the required legislations. If you need my help I will give it free like many of this audience were. The Tamil people are naked and hungry looking for you to assure them that there is a place for them.

Make sure they have one. You killed one Prabhakaran but do not let another grow. You cannot prevent another one with swords and guns. You can only do it with your heart and wisdom. Compassion truth and justice you learnt from Buddha are the only weapons you need. According to Dhamma Pada, Buddha said that hatred does cease by hatred at any time. Hatred ceases by love. This is an old rule. That what the Buddha said.

Your Excellency as you leave this city and return to Sri Lanka, promise me that a 10 year boy walking to school tomorrow in his white shirt will have no other red stain than from Jumbu fruits. A morning crow will not open anything other than the jackfruit. That there is nothing else hanging from the Magoza trees.

Your Excellency return us to paradise, return us to paradise. Thank You

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

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Monday, October 18, 2010

One of the new double-decker coaches of the Indian train

In her budget speech last year, Mamata Banerjee had promised to introduce new double-decker AC coaches and trains with modern amenities like international-standard dining cars. The Union railways minister is living up to her promise even though the new coaches will debut in her home state, West Bengal, a gift for the 2011 assembly polls. Eight coaches of this new, futuristic train developed by the Rail Coach Factory (RCF) in Kapurthala are ready and will make their way to Dhanbad from where they will begin operations to Calcutta in the second week of November.
“This is India’s first AC double-decker train and has been made at the cost of more than Rs 3.5 crore per coach,” says a senior railway official. “Western Railways does have double-decker trains but these are very old and non-AC. They can’t be compared to these new trains.” Each coach can accommodate 128 passengers—up from 78 passengers per coach in Shatabdis. The train will be introduced on stretches not more than 500 km long as there are no sleeper facilities yet, and will have a maximum speed of 160 kmph. “By next year, we hope to start operations on busy routes in other parts of the country as most experts are of the view that it would be better to introduce double-decker trains instead of increasing the number of coaches to accommodate passenger growth,” adds the official.
Earlier this year, trial runs for the train were held on the Delhi-Moradabad section. While Western Railways and Central Railways showed keen interest in introducing this novel form of transport, the rail minister ensured that the surprise would be kept for her state.

The overall height of the train has been increased by about four inches, keeping in mind structures such as overhead bridges, electrical traction etc. The space for the two decks has been made by optimally using the space between two bogies. From the design aspect, this train borrows from a number of international trains which have features like high-speed Eurofirma design (bogies which have air springs for a superior quality ride). The train is also fitted with the new control discharge toilet system. New safety features too will be implemented.
The railways will also be introducing other modern features in the coming few months. Green toilets will be introduced soon on most trains. Over 14 long-distance trains have already introduced medical facilities on board; more are likely to follow. A doctor and a team of paramedical staff are present on board with life-saving medicines and emergency medical equipment like an ECG machine, nebulisers, oxygen cylinders and glucometers. While medical treatment is currently free on board, rail officials say that the new scheme is very costly and a fee may be charged in the future.
Dedicated dining coaches have so far been a preserve of luxury trains in the country; now their viability on regular trains is being explored. For the moment, though, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation has introduced “book a meal” facilities on a pilot project basis in Goa Express and Karnataka Express, an option available only if a ticket is booked online. Post-passenger feedback, the extension of the project across the country will be considered.
The ride sure seems interesting ahead. Now to see how soon the trains start chugging.


Jail in Austria....


A scene you will probably never get to see in your lifetime....  
This is the sunset at the North Pole with the moon at its closest point.   You also see the sun below the moon. An amazing photo
and not one  easily duplicate. You may want to pass it on to others.  
The Chinese  have a saying: "When someone shares with you  
Something of value, you   have an obligation to share it with others...

After Enthiran - Rajini in Himalayas New images

Asia's costliest Movie Actor Super Star Rajini Relaxing in Himalayas. Very latest images from his Fan's Site.
No Actor have such a simplicity.
Enthiran india's Costly movie ever produced and it breaks all Box-Office Records  of all Khans. 


Friday, October 15, 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cricket India defeated Australia 2-0.

Australia lost their series to Sachin.

"Sachin has his 4 Sixes in this match. It is the maximum number of 6s Tendulkar has hit in a Test. Ties with Chennai 98 also against Australia."

Man of the Match and the Man of the Series is Sachin Tendulkar: "This series was a fantastic one. I would like to congratulate the whole team, starting from Laxman who helped us win. Along with Ishant Sharma. Also the bowlers. It was obviously going to be difficult on a track going up and down. Pujara showed tremendous character and his partnership with Vijay was very crucial one." On his own batting this year: "I don't count. Let the others count. I just want to continue scoring. Normally, there is not much crowd for Test cricket, thanks to Bangalore for coming out. You guys made the victory sweeter."


"We have played reasonably good test cricket but we were outplayed. We needed to get a few early wickets today, we got one but Pujara and Vijay batted well. I thought Hilfenhaus and Johnson have been good. Watson has been good. The crowd here have been fantastic. We would like to thank the crowd for their love and support for Test cricket."


I would like to congratulate the people of Bangalore. It's almost houseful today. As a captain I keep losing tosses which means the bowlers have to come in and bowl on flat tracks. But they have bowled really well. In both games the first innings was high scoring and it changed in second innings. In India you can just lose a Test in two sessions. You need to play well in all the five days. Pujara played really well. He got a tough ball first innings and he played very well in the second. Vijay has always done well whenever given opportunities. He carried on this time. It helps that he was batting with Tendulkar who is a great reader of the game and advices. The bowlers did a real good job. The bowling department really stepped up in both the games."
Dhoni now collects the Border-Gavaskar Trophy from SM Gavaskar. Dhoni lifts it high over his head and his team-mates roar in joy. He now calls them to join him. He gives the Trophy to a beaming Pujara. They all pose for the winning photograph that I suspect will find a special place in this Chinnaswamy Stadium. Gary Kirsten is laughing. So is every one else in that Indian squad.

"This is India's first Test win in Bangalore since October 1995, when they beat New Zealand by eight wickets. In
19 Tests here, India have won five, lost six and drawn eight.

It's only the third time India have won all Tests in a series of two or more Tests (excluding series against Bangladesh and Zimbabwe). Their two earlier wins both came in the 1990s, when they achieved 3-0 margins against England (1992-93) and Sri Lanka (1993-94).

The last time Australia lost all the matches of a series was in 1982 in Pakistan, when they lost in Karachi (nine wickets), Faisalabad (innings and three runs) and Lahore (nine wickets).

It's also the first time Australia have lost three Tests in a row since November-December 1988, when they lost to West Indies in Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne."

Tendulkar roars! A rare gesture of so much emotion from the little big man. Rahul just smiles. The win was brought up by a paddle-sweep. Tendulkar ran hard and turned for the second run. He completed the winning run, turned around, lifted his arms aloft. And roared. He then has a chat with Ponting and both smile. It's a pretty lengthy chat actually. Ponting smiles and puts his hand around Tendulkar's back. The rest of the players shake hands with each other. Rahul gets across, high-fives Sachin and hugs him. And as they walk away, they have a look at each other and smile. The dressing room erupts. In the stands, Anil Kumble high-fives with the selector Narendra Hirwani. India have defeated Australia 2-0.

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