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Friday, October 1, 2010

Enthiran-Movie Review

Enthiran- Review

Incredible special effects, graphics and super fun, that’s Enthiran. It is your family vacation film, due to the magic screen presence of “the one man army”- Rajinikanth.

You get to see a new superhero who is not Spiderman, Batman or Ironman. He is Chitty, the Robot, who acquires artificial intelligence and keeps the audiences glued to their seats. However don’t go expecting the typical Rajinikanth mass masala, as this film is something different but nevertheless entertaining. It is the classiest Rajinikanth movie which is technically state-of-art, with a designer look.

Story, like in all Shankar films is wafer thin. Vaseegaran (Rajinikanth) is a computer scientist and a nerd. He creates a Robot and names him Chitty (Rajinikanth), and his dream is to make it available for the Indian army. Sana (Aishwarya Rai) is a medical student who is in love with Vasee who is too immersed in his work. Vasee’s mentor and Professor Bohra (Danny Denzongappa), feels jealous of his invention and wants to use Chitty for evil things.

Meanwhile Vaseegaran inducts artificial intelligence into Chitty, to make him more human, but it spells disaster. Chitty falls in love with Sana and starts rebelling against Vasee and treats him like his competitor and enemy. At the same time Chitty, comes under the influence of Bohra, who tries to use him for his nefarious activities. But things go awry as Chitty turns into a Frankenstein, kidnaps Sana, kills Bohra and declares war on Vaseegaran.

The entire film is held together by Rajinikanth, who simply rocks as the scientist and the Robot. He is brilliant and the one-man entertainment troupe who makes his super heroics credible. The chemistry between the scientist and the robot crackles with energy, especially in the first half. Rajini steals the show as Chitty the Robo, goofy in the beginning and exuding menace with his expressive body and eye language in the second half.

The stunning Aishwarya Rai is good and has equal footing and brings an uninhibited joie to her role as Sana. Danny Denzongappa has hardly anything to do while the comedy of Santhanam and Karnas falls flat as it more slapstick in nature. Technically the film is awesome, and the money spent by Sun Pictures on special effects and graphics shows on the screen and stands up to Hollywood cinema standards.

Among the most breathtaking scenes, it is the formation scenes in the climax of thousands of Robots like Snake, dragon, ball, and Eiffel tower, Robot giant among many are spectacular. The stunt scene on the suburban train is awesome. Sabu Cyril’s production design are top-notch, especially the scientist labs and factory scenes.

Cinematography by Ratnavel gives it sheen along with Bhanu’s make-up for Rajinikanth which is perfect. He has never looked so good on screen. Antony’s editing is razor sharp, though he could have made it a bit racier. The songs and its picturisation are nowhere near Shankar’s earlier films. However Kilimanjaro... and Arima, Arima... stands out for its stunning visuals and AR Rahman’s score.

On the downside, there are far too many computer jargons and terms like gigabyte, IP address, worming and de-worming, which the ordinary viewer will not understand. The ‘mosquito scene’ and Kalabhavan Mani’s ‘One-day boyfriend’ scene hampers the tempo. The film doesn't just deliver solid entertainment for hardcore Rajini fans as the usual ingredients associated with his films like punch lines, electrifying stunts, sentiments and mass comedy is missing.

Shankar’s Enthiran- The Robot, will make you completely surrender to power of visual extravaganza and the technical finesse. His sci-fi dream project is groundbreaking, bigger but not better. Go for it for Rajinikanth, he is in rocking form. Taste the thunder.

Verdict: Enjoy the Ride

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