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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

K Balachander interview Rajinikanth -Oct-2010

K Balachander  interview Rajinikanth-Video

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Video of this interview -watch here.

The function to celebrate 40 years of the Directors’ Association was held at the Nehru Indoor Stadium in Chennai on Saturday, 23rd Oct. The event was attended by almost all the directors of the industry and was also illuminated with the presence of many of the top stars. The event consisted of a formal morning session which featured mainly talks and interactive sessions amongst the directors. But, the latter half of the event was colorful and energetic with performances from stars of different eras.

The entertainment half of the function was noted for the screening of a documentary on the works of Bharathiraja, currently the President of the Directors’ Association. The documentary was directed by Vasanth and featured clippings from many of the unforgettable hits of the director like 16 Vayadhinile and Alaigal Oyvadhillai. 

This was followed by a dance performance by Anagha (Sindhu Samaveli fame), evergreen hits of the Bharathiraja-Ilaiyaraja team and some extremely well choreographed dance performances by Sameera Reddy and Charmi. Superstar’s arrival at the function set the tone for the Endhiran songs to set the stage on fire with Sameera Reddy wowing the audience. Charmi followed suit and won a huge round of applause. But, it was not only the new generation of heroines who danced with nimble feet. Yesteryear heroines too proved that the years have not dimmed their skills.

 Roja was close to her best as she danced away, showing that not even her entry into politics can dim her artistic talents. Devayani also showed that she is not too old to shake a leg. And, the arrival of the famous yesteryear on screen teenage couple of Karthik and Radha lit up the stage.

The entry of Ilaiyaraja into the function lifted the mood of the evening a notch higher, so did the arrival of Vijay. The loudest cheers were however reserved for Superstar who seemed to be in very high spirits as he enjoyed the performances and interacted with others present.

The high point of the event was when director K Balachander called Rajinikanth up on stage to ‘interview’ him. The director said that these were questions that had been on his mind for a very long time. Presented to you here as a transcript.

KB: What do you feel you have lost out on because of the fame cinema has given you?
Rajni: I cannot be an ordinary man, move around like people do, go out eat in a restaurant or take a walk. Perhaps, this is what I have lost.

KB: Tamil cinema has elevated you to such great heights, what would you offer in return?
Rajni: I will definitely do something that Tamil cinema can be proud of.

KB: Have you ever felt jealous?
Rajni: Yes, upon seeing some people during my visits to the Himalayas. They seem to have an inner peace and tranquility that we do not.
A few questions tested Rajinikanth’s diplomacy skills – but he came out with flying colors.

KB: You have achieved so much in cinema. When can we expect a National Award?
Rajni: (Laughs) That is not with me. It is up to you directors to give me roles that might fetch awards.

KB: Your favorite politician!
Rajni: Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore, he has overseen the development of that city. (Now, there was no answer more ‘politically’ correct than that one. Some people probably expected him to say Bal Thackeray after the recent statement that he made.)

KB: Your favorite director
Rajni: (without pausing to think) Mahendran (no diplomacy here)

Video of this interview -watch here.

For complete tamil version visit here

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