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Thursday, September 30, 2010

India's top 10 billioner's

Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries, has topped the latest Forbes’ India Rich List with a net worth of US$27 billion, for the third consecutive time. Steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal, remains at No. 2 with a net worth of US$26.1 billion. However both are less well off than they were a year ago, with 15% of Mukesh’s wealth and 15% Lakshmi’s being lopped off over the year.

India’s rising stock market and a booming economy that is expanding by 8.5% have boosted the net worth of the rich. The combined net worth of India’s 100 richest people is US$300 billion, up from US$276 billion last year. This year, there are 69 billionaires on the India Rich List, 17 more than last year.

Moving up to third position this year is Wipro’s Azim Premji, who was at number four last year. His wealth increased to $17.6 billion from $14.9 billion last year amid an improving outlook for the sector. Among those who lost ground on the list are Anil Ambani, who is now at No.6, down from No.3 last year. Real estate magnate KP Singh too slid two positions to No. 8 this year, buffeted by cross winds in the industry.

Brothers Shashi and Ravi Ruia have improved on their previous ranking to No. 4 with a net worth of $15bn. They were at No.5 last year. The IPO of Essar Energy in May, which raised $1.85 billion, was the largest ever listing by an Indian company in London. The record number of billionaires on this year’s Forbes list of 100 Richest Indians is yet another clear signal that the centre of gravity will increasingly shift to India and China over the next decade. Frontline Indian entrepreneurs have once again displayed their ability to harness the unprecedented wealth creation opportunities that exist in this part of the world.

The top four tycoons on the list are worth a combined US$86 billion, short of the $180 billion record they set three years ago, and well shy of the US$150 billion net worth of the four richest Americans. A notable gainer is Ajay Piramal of life sciences firm Piramal Healthcare (No. 37; $1.75 billion). Piramal recently sold part of his company to U.S.-headquartered Abbott Labs.

Also a winner this year is 45-year old media mogul Kalanithi Maran. Ranked No. 17 with a net worth of $4 billion, up by 74% from last year’s $2.3 billion, he is the biggest gainer in percentage terms. The owner of Sun TV Network caused a stir this year when he took more than one-third stake in domestic airline SpiceJet.

Mumbai retains its pre-eminent position as the city that is home to most rich, with 44 of the top 100 coming from the Maximum city.

The threshold of admission to this exclusive club of top 100 has gone up. Last year, you could enter the list if you had just $415 million. This year, you would need $500 million to be included.

The Rich List has five women, among which Jindal family matriarch Savitri Jindal leads with a networth of $14.4bn. At 31 years Dhiraj Wadhawan is the youngest and B.L Munjal & Keshub Mahindra (87 Yrs) are the oldest on the list.

There are five returnees to the top 40 from previous years, three of them pharma entrepreneurs: Ajay Piramal, who sold part of his domestic business to Abbott for $3.7 billion; Pankaj Patel, whose Cadila Healthcare launched India's first swine flu vaccine; and Desh Bandhu Gupta, whose Lupin has gained lately in the U.S. generics market. A prominent returnee is the reclusive Pallonji Mistry, the largest shareholder of Tata Sons, the holding outfit of the Tata conglomerate. He was excluded from the list after he became an Irish citizen but brought back due to his business ties to India.

The Forbes India special Rich list edition, available on the newsstands from 1 October 2010, looks at Wealth creation in the next decade and ways to plan growth in family businesses, apart from profiles and information on the rich.

The top 10 richest in India are:

1 ) Mukesh Ambani; US$27 billion

2 ) Lakshmi Mittal; $26.1 billion

3 ) Azim Premji; $17.6 billion

4 ) Shashi & Ravi Ruia; $15 billion

5 ) Savitri Jindal; $14.4 billion

6 ) Anil Ambani; $13.3 billion

7 ) Gautam Adani; $10.7 billion

8 ) Kushal Pal Singh; $9.2 billion

9 ) Sunil Mittal; $8.6 billion

1 0 ) Kumar Birla; $8.5 billion

Forbes India Rich List Methodology
• Net worths are compiled using stock prices and exchange rates taken on September 9. Privately held fortunes were valued at book value or by coupling estimates of revenues, profits or book value to prevailing ratios for similar public companies

•To compile these rankings, reporters interviewed rich listers, employees, rivals, investors, fund managers, real estate agents and securities analysts. They also sifted through documents and databases to determine value and ownership of assets.

•Indian citizenship was required to make it to the list.

Read more: http://business.in.com/article/web-special/india-has-69-billionaires-mukesh-ambani-is-the-richest/17872/1#ixzz111WDTvAf

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Konjam kooda nenjil yeeram illatha pasanga

Dont read this, if you are weak hearted....

God will never forgive these idiots for the sin they have committed...!!!

Heartless Fellows....

Mass Murder of Innocent


Very Very Sad...

God will never forgive them...

தமிழ் நாடு அரசுக்கு தெருஞ்ச போச்சு. இவனுகள விஜய் இல்ல TR படம் பாக்கவெச்சே கொண்டுறும். தமிழ்நாடுல இன்னைக்கு ஒரு கிலோ அரிசி 1 ரூபாக்கு குடுகுதுன சும்மாவா யெல்லாம் குடிமக்களின் கடுமையான உழைப்பு.
இது புரியாம இப்டி போட்டு உடைகராணுக.
இதற்கு கடுமையான நடவடிக்கை எடுத்தால் கலைஞர் கருணாநிதிக்கு ஒபாமா தலைமையில் பாராட்டுவிழா நடத்தப்படும் என்பதை தமிழ் மக்கள் சார்பாக சொல்லிக்கொள்ள நான் கடமைபட்டுளேன்.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Chennai super kings -T20-CHAMPIONS 2010

Saturday, September 25, 2010

ஆஸ்கருக்கு போகிறது- ஆமிர்கானின் ‘பீப்லி லைவ்’

புகழ்பெற்ற ஆஸ்கர் விருதுக்காக ஒவ்வொரு ஆண்டும் இந்தியாவில் வெளியாகும் படங்களிலிருந்து ஒரு படத்தை தேர்வு செய்து ஆஸ்கர் தேர்வு கமிட்டி பரிந்துரை செய்து வருகிறது. 2010ம் ஆண்டுக்கு தேர்வான படத்தை இயக்குனர் கே.எஸ்.சேதுமாதவன் தலைமையில் அமைந்த 15 பேர் கொண்ட குழு தேர்வு செய்தது. இதுபற்றி சேதுமாதவன் நேற்று நிருபர்களிடம் கூறும்போது, ‘‘தமிழ், இந்தி, மலையாளம், வங்காளம், கொங்கனி மொழியில் உருவான 27 படங்களை கடந்த 19ம் தேதி முதல் 24ம் தேதிவரை தேர்வுக் குழுவினர் பார்த்தனர்.

இதில் ஆமிர்கான் தயாரித்த ‘பீப்லி லைவ்’ என்ற படம் ஆஸ்கர் விருதுக்கான போட்டியில் பங்கேற்க இந்தியா சார்பில் தேர்வு செய்யப்பட்டுள்ளது’ என்றார். பீப்லி லைவ் படத்தை ஆமிர்கான் தயாரித்திருந்தார். விவசாயிகள் பிரச்னையை மையமாக வைத்து உருவான இப்படத்தை அனுஷா ரிஸ்வி இயக்கி உள்ளார். புதுமுகம் ஓம்கார் தாஸ் மாணிக்புரி ஹீரோவாக நடித்திருக்கிறார்.

Friday, September 24, 2010


The below is an interesting calculation by a Canada based FM radio on Robot (Endhiran) Box office prediction. I guess, If we put realistic numbers for the Tamil & Telugu 1700 prints as the first week booking is going to be full, then calculation will be,,,, OMG,,,, it will be a never broken record….over Rs. 500 crore in a week?????
See the calculation below from the Canada Multicultural radio web page:

Endhiran is the costliest Indian movie ever made. Even the Hindi super stars never made a movie to this cost.

It is heard that the total cost can be between Rs. 160 crore to Rs. 200 crore Indian Rupees as the promo expenses are not over yet. Rajinikanth’s salary also depends on the profit, as his final salary number is decided by the profit of the movie (His salary is expected to be around Rs. 45 crore).

The main question is “Would this be a profitable movie or going to be another flop like Baba?” All Rajini fans would see it but would that save it from flop?

Sun pictures have less worry about south, mainly Andhra and Tamilnadu. For north, Sun has ensured no big competition at Robot release time in Hindi. Ranbir’s Anjaana Anjaani will be no direct threat as released on Sept 24th (update: It is postponed to Oct 1st now due to Ayodhya verdict) and Salman’s already super hit Dabanng will be in 4th week on Oct 1. This will help to avoid audience split. Still, one more fear is there. Ayodhya Babar-Masjid verdict is given on Sept 24th. How is the verdict going to be and how people are going to take it will have some effect on cinema goers and promotions on following week?

Here is a quick interesting calculation that must have gone through Kalanithi Maran's mind when he signs all the cheques.

2250 prints are made for theatres all over the world, according to Sun pictures. Some theatres use same print in two halls in a difference of 30 minutes.

There will be 4 shows per day for at least first 3 days (Fri, Sat, Sun). We know that many theatres in Tamilnadu will have 5 or 6 shows per day from early morning.

Average number of seats can be 500. Most of the Indian cinema halls are with over 800 seats while very few halls are with 400 seats.

Ticket price for first week in India varies from Rs. 100 to Rs. 500. Overseas ticket price are fixed but money conversion will bring it to Rs. 400 to Rs. 600.

If we pick all conservative numbers and multiply……..
2250 prints x 4 shows x 500 seats x Rs. 150 = 67,50,00,000 = Rs. 67.5 crore per day.

Rs. 67.5 crore x 3 days = Rs. 202.5 Crore.

By looking at this conservative calculation, Sun will recover the cost in just in 3 days. There is no way Sun pictures would have to worry about the money that has been invested. There can be loss and gain with distributors and Theatre owners depending on the deals. Overall, all the numbers show that Endhiran can make a record breaking collection in the history of Indian cinema. It is only less than two weeks to confirm it.

Velayutham Trailer

மக்களே மக்களின் மக்களே. இதை கொஞ்சம் பாறுங்க.
சை மனுசென் எப்பிடி இர்கரு.

இப்ப நா என்ன சொல்றன. .
இந்த நாடும் நாட்டு மக்களும் ........................

நீங்க புல் பண்ணிகிங்க

மனதை அதிரவைத்த காதல் கதை ! ! !

கிராமத்தின் தலைவருக்கு ஒரு

பெண் இருந்தாள்..அவளைப் போல்


அழகிய பெண்னை யாரும்

பார்த்ததும் இல்லை


இல்லை.அந்தப் பெண் பக்கத்து


சேர்ந்த ஒரு சாதாரண வாலிபனைக்

காதலிக்க ஆரம்பித்து


இது தெரிந்ததும் மொத்த

கிராமமும் அந்தக் காதலை

எதிர்க்க ஆரம்பித்தது.இதனால்

வேறு வழி

தெரியாத காதல் ஜோடி ஊரை

விட்டு ஒட

தீர்மானித்து ஒரு

நாள் யாருக்கும் தெரியாமல்

காணாமலும் போய்விட்டனர்.


ஊரே சேர்ந்து காதல் ஜோடியைத்

தேடியது. இருந்தும் அவர்களால்

கண்டு பிடிக்கவே


அதன் பிறகு அவர்கள்


காதலை ஏற்றுக்

கொள்ள முடிவு

செய்து செய்தித்தாளில்




காதல் ஜோடி உடனே ஊர்

திரும்பியது. சந்தோஷப் பட்ட


மக்கள் அந்தக்

காதல் ஜோடிக்கு பிரமாண்டமான


திருமணம் செய்ய

முடிவு செய்தனர்.

திருமணத்திற்குத் தேவையான





எதிர்பாராதவிதமாக ஒரு லாரி

மோதி அந்த வாலிபன் அந்தப் பெண்



உடனே அந்தப்




ரொம்ப நாட்களுக்குப்


நினைவு திரும்பிய அந்தப் பெண்



வந்தாள். திடீரென்று ஒரு நாள்

அப்பெண்னின் தாய் ஒரு கனவு


அதில் ஒரு தேவதை தோன்றி அவள்

மகள் அவளுடைய

காதலன் நினைவாக

வைத்திருக்கும் உடையில்


இரத்த்க் கறையை

உடனே துவைக்க வேண்டும்

என்றது,இல்லா விட்டால்



ஏற்படும் என்றும் எச்சரிக்கை


அவள் தாய் கனவை மதிக்கவில்லை.

அடுத்த நாள் அதே

தேவதை அந்தப் பெண்னின்

தந்தையிடமும் கனவில்

எச்சரித்தது.ஆனால் அவரும்

அதைக் கண்டு


அடுத்த நாள் அப்பெண்னின்

கனவிலேயே தோன்றி

எச்சரித்தது.அவள் உடனே

தாயிடம் கனவைப்


கூறினாள். அதன் பிறகே அதன்


உணரப்பட்டது.அவள் தாய்


துவைக்கக் கூறினாள்.

உடனே அந்தப் பெண்னும்


இருந்தும் தேவதை

மறுபடியும் அடுத்த நாள்


வந்து கறை சரியாகப்




மறுபடியும் அப்பெண்





அடுத்த நாள் காலையில்

அழைப்புமணி ஒலிக்கவே அந்தப்

பெண் கதவைத்

திறந்தாள்.அப்போது கனவில்

வரும் அதே பெண் நின்று

கொண்டிருந்தாள். அவள் முகம்

கனவில் வருவதைப்

போல் கனிவாக


வெளிறிப் போய் இருந்தது.உடனே

இவள் பயத்தினால்

அந்தத் தேவதை கோபத்துடன்

கூறியது,"லூசாடி நீ!,ஸர்ப்

எக்ஸல் போடு கறை போயிடும்"


இதைப் படித்ததும் உடனே

உதைக்கத் தோணுமே உங்களுக்கு!

நானே இதை எனக்கு




Thursday, September 23, 2010

Vijai's New Look

Makkalalea plz comment these images. Manusen enaama irkaru. Vaaipe illa.
Next CM Dr.Vijai Rocks.



60 is the universal age for retirement; at least in most parts of the world. If not retirement, it is an age at which people begin contemplating a change in their life, trying to bring in it more rest, release work loads and slowly hand over the baton to the next generation. But, some men just don’t have any such thoughts. They are past 60, but still run alongside the young, in the process, giving them a run for their money. A look at some of the international stars whose stardom shows no signs of declining in spite of being on the wrong side of 60. For them, the quote seems to hold good –‘Age is about mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it does not matter.’

We are very sure that in the coming years we will have a few proud Indian additions to this list which includes Kamal Haasan (who will be there for many more years, we are sure) and Mammootty.

Rajinikanth – 1949

He is almost 61, yet there is no one who can even dream of replacing him; he is the one and only Superstar. The costliest ever Indian movie, one of the most demanding shooting schedules, one of the biggest responsibilities – he was ready for all of this at 61. That is perhaps why, more than anything else, he is the biggest phenomenon that reigns Indian cinema. When Endhiran unleashes, the phenomenon will only get bigger.

Amitabh Bachchan – 1942

One of the most enduring, admired and loved stars of Indian cinema, he’s also arguably, the first all India superstar who managed to break through language barriers. He was the hottest property in Indian cinema when he was the quintessential angry young man. But, somewhere that charisma faded and we thought that the era had closed. But, he re-emerged, bigger, as the Big B. He was no longer the angry young man, but an actor who would mould to the demands of any character. It was a new Amitabh Bachchan, a version that held more wonders than ever. The charisma was still there, but it was past his 60s that the actual expanse of the actor was truly discovered. Now, closer to 70 than to 60, he has surprised us with one of his best ever performances that got him the National Award. Clearly, the Big B gets better with age.

Harrison Ford – 1942

At 68, people are more worried about arthritis than crystal skulls. But, Harrison Ford is game to play Indiana Jones one more time. If Spielberg and George Lucas are getting together to create another film around the eternal explorer/adventurer, then Harrison Ford cannot be far behind. Every time you think that you have seen the last of Harrison Ford, there he pops up again, much like the President from Air Force who hung on, literally, for dear life. And, here he is, working away on yet another adventure, action flick that will satisfy all those who prefer hats, horses and pistols instead of cars and automatic guns.

Sylvester Stallone – 1946

In 2006 he made Rocky Balboa, the story of the return of the over the hill boxer into limelight. Not many knew that it was also the return of Sylvester Stallone into the limelight. Somewhere down the line, the early 2000s, we thought we had lost the man who had given us Rambo and Rocky. But, he is back and how! Rocky was revived (for the last time unfortunately), Rambo was revived and the Stallone mania was back; people started remembering the glory days of the ‘Italian Stallion’. And, at 64 he has managed to pull off a coup by uniting the largest action cast ever in the history of cinema. Expendables might not have been a great cinematic experience, but for all those who love action and old school action heroes, this was as good as it could get.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – 1947

This man is 63, but is still the worldwide icon when it comes to bodybuilding. A full fledged political career as the Governor of California has not dimmed his charisma or macho status one bit. Though his last lead appearance was way back in 2003 in the third installment of the Terminator franchise, his star power is still very much the same as it was during Judgment Day. To sample the effect that he still has on film goers, go to a theater screening the Expendables and see the crowd go wild when he appears in a brief cameo. He may be a Governor, but he is still the only Terminator.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

please DO NOT use it

Dear Friends

Make a checklist, check whether this medicine is in your home or whether it has been recommended by your doctor... please DO NOT use it...


Asia has become a dumping ground for banned drugs; also the business for production of banned drugs is booming. Plz make sure that u buy drugs ! only if prescribed by a doctor(Also, ask which company manufactures it, this would help to ensure that u get what is prescribed at the Drug Store) and that also from a reputed drug store. Not many people know about these banned drugs and consume them causing a lot of damage to themselves. We forward Jokes and other junk all the time. This is far more important.

Please make sure u forward it everyone u know.

DANGEROUS DRUGS HAVE BEEN GLOBALLY DISCARDED BUT ARE AVAILABLE IN INDIA and can be exported / smuggled to Pakistan or to any other country .... The most common ones are action 500 & Nimulid!!!!!!

cold and cough. Reason for ban : stroke.
Brand name : Vicks Action-500
____________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ ______
This is a pain-killer. Reason for ban: Bone marrow depression.
Brand name: ! Novalgin
____________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ __
Acidity, constipation. Reason for ban : irregular heartbeat
Brand name : Ciza, Syspride
____________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ ___
Anti-depressant. Reason for ban : Irregular heartbeat.
Brand name : Droperol
____________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _____
Antidiarrhoeal. Reason for ban : Cancer.
Brand name : Furoxone, Lomofen
____________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ ____
Painkiller, fever. Reason for ban : Liver failure..
Brand name :
Nise, Nimulid
____________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ ______

Antibacterial cream. Reason for ban : Cancer.
Brand name : Furacin
____________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ ______

Laxative... Reason for ban : Cancer.
Brand name : Agarol
________! ____________ _________ _ ____________ _________ _________ _________ ___

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. Reason for ban : Bone marrow depression.
Brand name : Sioril
____________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _____
Anti-worms. Reason for ban : Nerve damage.
Brand name : Piperazine
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Anti-diarrhoeal. Reason for ban : Damage to sight.
Brand name: Enteroquinol

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