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Thursday, September 23, 2010



60 is the universal age for retirement; at least in most parts of the world. If not retirement, it is an age at which people begin contemplating a change in their life, trying to bring in it more rest, release work loads and slowly hand over the baton to the next generation. But, some men just don’t have any such thoughts. They are past 60, but still run alongside the young, in the process, giving them a run for their money. A look at some of the international stars whose stardom shows no signs of declining in spite of being on the wrong side of 60. For them, the quote seems to hold good –‘Age is about mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it does not matter.’

We are very sure that in the coming years we will have a few proud Indian additions to this list which includes Kamal Haasan (who will be there for many more years, we are sure) and Mammootty.

Rajinikanth – 1949

He is almost 61, yet there is no one who can even dream of replacing him; he is the one and only Superstar. The costliest ever Indian movie, one of the most demanding shooting schedules, one of the biggest responsibilities – he was ready for all of this at 61. That is perhaps why, more than anything else, he is the biggest phenomenon that reigns Indian cinema. When Endhiran unleashes, the phenomenon will only get bigger.

Amitabh Bachchan – 1942

One of the most enduring, admired and loved stars of Indian cinema, he’s also arguably, the first all India superstar who managed to break through language barriers. He was the hottest property in Indian cinema when he was the quintessential angry young man. But, somewhere that charisma faded and we thought that the era had closed. But, he re-emerged, bigger, as the Big B. He was no longer the angry young man, but an actor who would mould to the demands of any character. It was a new Amitabh Bachchan, a version that held more wonders than ever. The charisma was still there, but it was past his 60s that the actual expanse of the actor was truly discovered. Now, closer to 70 than to 60, he has surprised us with one of his best ever performances that got him the National Award. Clearly, the Big B gets better with age.

Harrison Ford – 1942

At 68, people are more worried about arthritis than crystal skulls. But, Harrison Ford is game to play Indiana Jones one more time. If Spielberg and George Lucas are getting together to create another film around the eternal explorer/adventurer, then Harrison Ford cannot be far behind. Every time you think that you have seen the last of Harrison Ford, there he pops up again, much like the President from Air Force who hung on, literally, for dear life. And, here he is, working away on yet another adventure, action flick that will satisfy all those who prefer hats, horses and pistols instead of cars and automatic guns.

Sylvester Stallone – 1946

In 2006 he made Rocky Balboa, the story of the return of the over the hill boxer into limelight. Not many knew that it was also the return of Sylvester Stallone into the limelight. Somewhere down the line, the early 2000s, we thought we had lost the man who had given us Rambo and Rocky. But, he is back and how! Rocky was revived (for the last time unfortunately), Rambo was revived and the Stallone mania was back; people started remembering the glory days of the ‘Italian Stallion’. And, at 64 he has managed to pull off a coup by uniting the largest action cast ever in the history of cinema. Expendables might not have been a great cinematic experience, but for all those who love action and old school action heroes, this was as good as it could get.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – 1947

This man is 63, but is still the worldwide icon when it comes to bodybuilding. A full fledged political career as the Governor of California has not dimmed his charisma or macho status one bit. Though his last lead appearance was way back in 2003 in the third installment of the Terminator franchise, his star power is still very much the same as it was during Judgment Day. To sample the effect that he still has on film goers, go to a theater screening the Expendables and see the crowd go wild when he appears in a brief cameo. He may be a Governor, but he is still the only Terminator.

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