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Thursday, December 23, 2010

IIM-Ahmedabad analyze rajini Endhiran success

He can get millions raving about tricks like getting a cigarette somersault and land in his mouth or a pair of shades land on his eyes from mid-air, romance a woman onscreen half his age and rake in over Rs 100 crore in the first week of his film's release. That's the phenomenon called Rajinikanth .

'Robot', the Rajinikanth-starrer which became the second highest grosser among Indian films and spawned a slew of Rajini jokes, is set to come to the laboratory of IIM-Ahmedabad.

As part of an elective course called 'Contemporary film industry: A business perspective', students of the postgraduate programme at IIM-A will take up 'Robot' or 'Enthiran' as a case study to analyse the business of cinema and its success story. The course will also study 'Muthu', another Tamil film starring Rajinikanth. The movie was later translated into Japanese as 'Muthu Odoru Maharaja' or 'Muthu: The Dancing Maharaja'.
This 60-year-old actor, who is still the undisputed Superstar of Kollywood, recently has one more feather to add to his cap! Yes, Endhiran/Robot has been selected as the case study by the Indian Institute of Management – Ahmedabad for the students to analyze the business of cinema and its success.

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