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Monday, April 11, 2011

Akon performing in india demands list

Not one to disappoint in the quirky requests department, international singer Akon who will be performing in Pune, Gurgaon and Bangalore this weekend, has quite a laundry list of bizarre demands.

 When Bryan Adams toured India in February, the crew had asked for 100 white towels. Akon now has requested for 100 black ones. Political statement or otherwise, we’re left wondering what is it about fluffy towels that make them such a standard demand with international celebrities. 

 The Senegalese singer has asked for his hotel room to be far away from elevators, ice machines, high traffic areas and the housekeeping room since he wants his environment to be as noise-free as possible

 A licensed massage therapist, massage table, massage chair and essential oils will also be made available to the singer to help him beat stress in between concerts 

 Food for the singer would required to be served in chaffing dishes and covered with clear plastic wrap

 Akon has also requested for a juicer and blender to make himself his own smoothies!

 Strict instructions have been doled out that the crew, consisting of 22 people and three personal bodyguards, will not be served pork, Chinese or junk food 

 The singer's attire will be entirely custom-made apparel in white

 Even though the singer won't be performing in Mumbai, he and his wife Rosina hope to take some time out to visit the city, go to the Gateway of India and even do a small darshan in a open-top, double-decker bus 

 The singer says that apart from Brazil, India is his favourite holiday destination

 Vendors at the famous Mangaldas cloth market in Mumbai have written to the singer's manager in the hopes of striking a deal since the singer is launching a new clothing line 

 Akon will try and play some football in between concerts. His own cousin plays for the Blackburn Rovers that is owned by Venky's, the title sponsor for the concerts in Gurgaon and Bangalore

 The singer will be performing in Gurgaon on his birthday and announced on Twitter that he has something special planned for his fans 

 According to reports, Akon will bring in his birthday with several B-town biggies including Shah Rukh Khan. The singer has also worked with Khan on a single for the movie Ra.One

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