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Monday, July 4, 2011

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renukha said...

karthi you r very lucky , because ur wife ranjani use toilet once in a week.beaware when she fartout.but sure she is silent farter.i was sitting behind her in the SMC while studying.she likes sambar.always in her lunch box with sambar rice , curd rice with mango picle.she likes boiled eggs.her favorite colours meroon,olive green,peech and beige.most of the comments says ranjani is lucky girl to get karthi,ofcourse but realy karthi is lucky man to get such beautiful lady like goddess.she has habit of limited spending money,very innocent heart,quite in nature,handle any hard situation by solving in her feet on the spot.she is honest lady,doesn"t like cheaters,never forgive liers.karthi , this is ur responsibility to keep her retain in smile always.totally she is good lady.if u get angry on her , then she will kick out u from the bed.because she is educated and pure 24c gold.

Anonymous said...

this is the latest news that karthi tastes the fresh sh*t of ranjani.he was happy to tell her that its sweet.but she smiled on him.also he requested her to fart more during the *********.
news are arriving direct from their honeymoon.