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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rajini fan Shiv Nadar HCL Tech

But why does she not want to be a part of this?

Shiv Nadar: It is a different way. She had to go to IT, study IT, become good at it because there are many people who are competing for this job and they are very good.

But are you here suggesting that the decision to differentiate between management and ownership was more hers than yours?

Shiv Nadar: It has to be hers because she is the one who is inheriting. In my time I built this organisation, I am management. So it is her call.

What if she had decided to join your venture?

Shiv Nadar: She would have to study and then come up to this place really speaking on her own.

You would not give her management control or put her on the board because she was your daughter?

Shiv Nadar: CEO’s position, working positions are different. They are hard. You just face up to complex technology issues, these are complex technology issues.

Is she happy doing what she is right now?

Shiv Nadar: She went to study that and she knows what she is doing.

Do you discuss a lot of strategy there?

Shiv Nadar: She is very good in what she is building and I am also very careful that she should feel that it is something which she built, which can happen only if she builds it. I built HCL, so I am proud of it. She has to build VidyaGyan if she has to be proud of it. It cannot be dad and I built it, no, that’s not going to work.

But at one level because she is your only daughter, are you not a little disappointed with the fact that she is not going to take HCL up?

Shiv Nadar: No.

Didn’t it ever bother you?

Shiv Nadar: It never came to my mind actually. When Vineet joined 25 years ago - when he was a trainee - even at that time within 10 years I was sure that he was a guy who was going to succeed me. So I introduced him to everyone in the board and in my friends. He said, ‘I am not succeeding Shiv’. I said, ‘You don’t know, you are the one who are succeeding me’ and he did.

When did you know she is not going to be a part of this business?

Shiv Nadar: When she went to college, when she decided to do Liberal Arts, I knew this is not where she is coming to. She is also trained in television and in radio and broadcast journalism. She interviewed Prince Edward when she was in London. She had a few things to do, the company or not the company, she always had to run the treasury. A good part of the wealth she had to run, so she needed to go to a business school. First I wanted to teach her whatever I can, which I did. Then she went to business school and around that time she chose what she wanted to do in the next several years.

So it is not bridge but it is the movies, 4000 movies collection?

Shiv Nadar: 4000 is an exaggeration.

How many do you have in your collection?

Shiv Nadar: About 1000.

Which ones are your all-time favourites?

Shiv Nadar: All Tamil films, Hindi films, it just keeps building and I keep buying.

What’s the last movie you watched and enjoyed?

Shiv Nadar: You would not believe it, 15 of us went to see Robot - Robot in Hindi - and the people who went to watch were all the founders of HCL.

Are you a Rajnikant fan?

Shiv Nadar: Completely.

Did you not watch the Tamil version, Endhiran?

Shiv Nadar: No, I have not, it does not come here, I have watched it here.

I was expecting that answer, you are from the land of Rajnikant, how could you not watch Robot?

Shiv Nadar: In my phone, my text messages, if you see the last 10 text messages, they will all be Rajnikant jokes. Last one was sent by my daughter, ‘Paul the Octopus was asked to predict Rajnikant’s day of death and it died.’

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