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Monday, February 14, 2011

2G-Ratan Tata's letter to_Karunanidhi_CM

CNN-IBN has accessed details of a handwritten letter from Ratan Tata to DMK Chief Karunanidhi praising A Raja for his sound telecom policies. Karunanidhi has however denied receiving any such letter.
In the document, which CNN-IBN has accessed, the Tata Group Chairman has described the former telecom minister's policies on Spectrum allocation as rational and well reasoned.
Not just that, Ratan Tata has also written that telecom could emerge as the DMK's single biggest achievement.
Ratan Tata's letter to DMK chief praises Raja
Tata has also clearly written that he is sending the letter to Karunanidhi through Corporate lobbyist Niira Radia. This could increase Karunanidhi's trouble as he had denied reciving this letter in his party's official organ Murasoli on Sunday.
Ratan Tata in his letter to Karunanidhi wrote," Ever since Mr Raja took over as Minister, there has been a rational fair and action oriented leadership in the ministry."
Tata Teleservices has issued a clarification on Ratan Tata's letter to DMK Chief Karunanidihi dated 2007.

"Mr Ratan Tata's letter to the DMK chief was written in November 2007, at the time of a public controversy created by powerful vested interest groups within the industry, motivated by policy announcements made by the then Minister, Mr A Raja. It also needs to be noted that the letter was written well before any of the actions, which are currently the subject matter of controversy and investigations, were taken.
The referred letter relates to various policy announcements on spectrum and other issues which were embodied in the spirit of NTP' 99, and yet not implemented for years, despite for the most part being legally sound, rational and well-reasoned. The letter also underlines the fact that the said policy announcements - except on a matter pending in court relating to one operator - would demolish the powerful technology bias which was inhibiting free growth for all operators, "if done correctly and fairly...".
Subsequently, the Hon'ble TDSAT and Delhi High Court have upheld the dual-technology policy," said a Tata Teleservices Limited spokesperson.
Text of Ratan Tata's letter to M Karunanidhi
Bombay House
Fort, Mumbai - 400001.
November 13, 2007
Personal & Confidential
Dear Mr Chief Minister,
I am taking the liberty of writing to you on the subject of the telecommunications sector which has been in the news these past few weeks and where there has been much public controversy - mainly created by powerful vested interest groups within the industry.
Ever since Mr. Raja took over as Minister, there has been a rational, fair and action-oriented leadership in the ministry. On the issue of spectrum also, his stated policies for most part, have been legally sound, rational and well-reasoned. Part of the existing controversy revolves around one approval, which is being contested in the courts. In all other cases his stated policies appear fair and he deserves everyone's support.
The telecom industry is the fastest growing sector in this country's history and the leadership to this sector is with your party. It is essential that history praises the vision, creativity and high growth achieved by you and your Minister. Our industry is in the viewing glass of the entire world, because our market is so large. If done well, the DMK can possibly claim telecom to be its greatest achievement and most significant contribution to the nation's growth. This growth would need to come from rational and fair policies - without favourites and without pandering to vested interest groups who are only interested in serving themselves.
I have the highest regard and respect for you as a person of great equity and great vision. I would like to see you derive great kudos for the visionary growth in this sector, which I believe can be delivered under your leadership by Mr. Raja. I have therefore requested Ms. Nira Radia to personally carry this letter to you and to explain to you the public perceptions, the orchestrated misinformation and the vested interests that are seeking to de-rail the process of growth through technological and spectrum battles, rather than seeking national gain.
I hope you will take this letter in the spirit in which it has been written.
With regards,
Yours sincerely,

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