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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

7 Ways to Download Facebook Videos

Downloading Videos from the world’s largest video sharing site is good idea. But what if you like to download videos from world’s largest social networking site Facebook? Yes, I am talking about Facebook videodownload.
There are so many ways to download video from YouTube but from Facebook video download there are only a few ways.
I have found some of and today willing to share it with you all. I found seven ways.
Facebook also does not let you download and watch offline videos, but know you can download them too.
Greasemonkey Scripts
Greasemonkey is a Firefox add-on you can download it here, after installing Greasemonkey you can install Greasemonkey scripts. Greasemonkey scripts are known as userscripts also.
Facebook Video
This script let you download and convert Facebook videos and provides code to embed videos in other sites. It works even if Flash is disabled.
Facebook Fixer
This userscript is useful for other purpose also, it makes bigger profile picture and photos, easier viewing of albums and download links for videos.
Firefox Add-ons
Above discussed userscripts are now standalone Firefox extensions also. SO if you have not installed Greasemonkey add-on and do not want too then you can download Firefox add-on to download Facebook Videos.
Facebook Video
Above discussed Facebook Video script is available as Firefox add-on also. That has same features.
Boost for Facebook
This add-on provides 300+ skins and 30+ features for boosting Facebook. As well you can download videos also.
Online sites to help you download Facebook videos
These sites are an easy way to download Facebook videos, you can bookmark them for ease of use.
When you are viewing a video on Facebook, you can copy the URL of that video and paste the URL in the box and hit enter; you will get download link for that video.
It is also same as above site, its interface is inspired by Twitter homepage.
Other Tools
SpeedBit Video Downloader
It is also a toolbar for downloading Facebook videos.

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