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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kirsten step down as India coach

 It might be the end of the road for Gary Kirsten as far as his endeavours as the Indian cricket coach is concerned after it was reported that that he does not wish to apply for an extension after the 2011 World Cup.
Apparently, family commitments is the reason for Kirsten taking such a stand according to a top BCCI official.

"It is a topic that has been discussed at length for a long time. I can confirm that he will not continue his coaching assignment with India after the World Cup,"
"Everyone was keen for Gary to continue for another term, perhaps of three years. The team and the coach have developed an excellent rapport over the last three years. Everyone can see the results, which are obvious. Gary has also put in a lot of effort behind the scenes to bolster team spirit and oneness among the unit. We must respect his decision, especially because it is based on family commitments." the official said.
The former South African opener has played a major role in India's meteoric rise in the world cricket which includes reaching the top spot in Tests and hanging on to that position for over a year now.
It has been reported that Kirsten might be interested in taking over as coach of the South African national team at the conclusion of the World Cup.

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