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Monday, January 24, 2011

TIFF Norway Enthiran robot screening

The Tromsø International Film Festival (TIFF) is an annual film festival held in the snow covered city of Tromsø in Norway.

The first film festival in Tromsø was held in 1995 and today TIFF is the largest film festival in Norway.

The festival has more than 58 000 visitors from around the world. Since 2006 TIFF has been screening more than 100 films from about 30 different countries.

TIFF has 7 screening venues and one outdoor cinema.

This year the only indian cinema that was screened in this film festival was Rajini-Shankar duo's Endhiran: the Robot.

Though many indian language movies were nominated to be screened here, only robot was selected to be screened here and that too for two days(Jan 19 and 20).

Endhiran/Robot got this glory because of the hardwork and influence of an eelam tamil man called Vaseegaran Sivalingam, who released the movie in Norway and Sweden when it was released.

The magnum opus movie even got the unique milestone of being screened in Colosseum Kino in Oslo, Norway which is the largest cinema in Northern Europe and the largest THX cinema in the world.

According to Vaseegaran, international viewers enjoyed watching 'english subtitled' Endhiran and the response to the movie was awesome.

More than 100 films were screened between January 18 and January 23.

Accolades and recognitions seem to make a bee-line for Endhiran/Robot.

Congrats and well done Rajini, Shankar for carving out a movie with international standards!!!

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